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Alan E W Knight
BSc (Hons)  PhD  (ANU)

Chemical Physics Laboratory with Prof Alan Knight


Professor Alan Knight was a dedicated research scientist for over 35 years in the field of chemical physics, with his own University experimental laboratory devoted to exploring fundamental knowledge in the broad areas of molecular physics, molecular quantum mechanics, atmospheric science and laboratory astrophysics.

He built his research laboratory from the ground up.  This involved the engineering design, construction and development of ultra-high vacuum chambers, laser systems, high precision control devices for optics, gas metering, and directed molecular beams.

An integral part of building and maintaining the competitiveness of his laboratory in the international research arena was the design and development of electronic control and data processing equipment, with high-power computer based data acquisition systems. Theoretical computation using supercomputers was an additional component of his research operation.

Prof Alan Knight has worked in many international research laboratories including in the USA, Germany, France, Switzerland and Israel. He has always been a "hands on" practical scientist, working closely with young research students in the lab.

He has consulted with private companies in Australia, USA and Germany and has experience in the commercial and industrial applications of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

The Present

Alan's enthusiasm for  Science and Mathematics has enabled him to inspire hundreds, perhaps thousands, of tertiary students as well as encourage secondary students to grow their love and understanding of mathematics and science.

Now that he has retired, he offers high school students a unique tutoring service to assist them in their journey towards achieving the best possible outcome in preparing for their chosen career in life.

He has many deep interests in life outside of the Academic world  and can identify readily with young people who are often pursuing several activities through their school years. Sport, Music, Drama, and other pursuits are important in shaping one's character and resilience to weather the pressures of life in the 21st century.

Alan has tutored numerous high school students over the past decade as well as students preparing for University entry via bridging courses or GAMSAT exams. He rejoices in their accomplishments and looks forward to continuing his passion for instilling a deep understanding of Mathematics and the Physical Sciences.

Qualifications and Experience

  • BSc (Hons) Australian National University
  • PhD Australian National University
  • Retired Professor (Chemical Physics, Griffith University)
  • Founder and Chair of Griffith University Academic and Sports Scholarship Programs
  • Chair of University Blues Awards Committee
  • Chair of University Review on Computing and Information Technology
  • Chair of Research Higher Degrees Committee
  • Personal Professorial Chair, experimental and theoretical research in chemical physics, emphasis on laser-based and mass-spectrometric studies involving molecular spectroscopy, structure, energetics, dynamics.
  • Application areas included biophysics, molecular physics, atmospheric chemistry, laboratory astrophysics
  • Fellow American Physical Society, Fellow Royal Australian Chemical Institute, American Chemical Society
  • Rennie Medal and H G Smith Memorial medals for Research in Chemical Physics
  • Distinguished Visiting Professor at: MIT (Boston, USA), JILA Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (University of Colorado), University of Minnesota, Indiana University, Technische Universität Munchen, CNRS Orsay (Université Paris-Sud), University of Basel
  • Invited Lecturer at numerous International Conferences
  • RACI Queensland Schools Lecturer