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Private Tutor - Maths, Physics, Chemistry - Brisbane

2019  - The School year is underway.  Contact me for details of any places available.  "After hours" sessions are available for urgent needs. Some places are available for GAMSAT tutoring for the September exam.

2019 -  Physics Workshops:  A hands-on one-on-one series of workshops in electricity and magnetism, including practical electronics, are conducted for Year 12 students in the April, July, September and Christmas holidays.

Depending on when your school covers electricity and magnetism, this module is exceedingly helpful in surmounting the challenges of a difficult topic.  Please contact me for details.

2020 -  Reservations are open:  Please contact me if you are interested in reserving a place for next year.

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Alan Knight is a Private Tutor, based in Brisbane, Australia, offering individual tuition for high school students in Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

As a retired University Professor and Research Scientist, his past career in University teaching and scientific research, both in Australia and in top international Universities and research centres, means that his experience in maths, physics and chemistry is deep and diverse.

Alan is passionate about teaching. He inspires high school students to understand and embrace these subjects in a way that helps them to carry their knowledge into later life.

Rather than just "going by the book", Alan offers students a unique opportunity to benefit from his own dedication to the discovery of new knowledge through experimental and theoretical research in physics and chemistry.

In his work, mathematics has always been an essential part in theoretical analysis and in the interpretation of scientific data. Hence he can show students how maths and statistics play an essential role in a wide variety of applications.



Private Tutoring is available for


Mathematics - Year 10 through to Year 12

Specializing in -  Maths B and  Maths C

Physics - Year 11 and 12

Chemistry - Year 11 and 12      

New QCAA ATAR Syllabus -

Mathematical Methods, Specialist Maths,  Physics and Chemistry

Bridging Courses for University Entrance - Maths,  Physics,  Chemistry

Preparation for GAMSAT - Maths,  Physics,  Chemistry


Tutoring for younger students (years 7-9 in Maths and 7-10 in Science) can be arranged with one of Alan's top past students, now at University, with excellent credentials.  Contact me for details.




Dream, Believe, Create, Succeed

High School grades are something about which most parents are deeply concerned.  As the final two years of high school loom nearer, students are often faced with the odious task of making decisions about which subjects to study. Choosing electives that they are deeply interested in is to be encouraged, but one should also consider what influence their choices may have on their chances of a good OP.

In Year 10, many students consider their choices in Mathematics.

Maths B and especially Maths C are advantageous choices, relative to Maths A, for improving OP outcomes provided that good grades are achieved in these subjects.

Alan is committed to assisting students who wish to make the effort to achieve well in Maths B and Maths C for Years 11 and 12.  Undertaking both Maths B and C can be challenging, but the rewards can be worth the extra effort. Summer holidays offer a superb opportunity to focus on making such a choice a successful endeavour.  For many students, Year 11 Maths B and Maths C can be a much easier road if the summer holidays include a few weeks of judicious preparation.