Physics and Chemistry

The foundations for scientific and technological development in our modern world are very largely embodied in the disciplines of Physics and Chemistry.

A better understanding of Physical and Chemical principles is invaluable in helping us to chart through the waters of our complex environment in the 21st century.

It also helps us to "sort the wheat from the chaff" when called upon to assess information on a multitude of things relating to our everyday lives.

Doing well in Physics does require a good understanding of Maths and the confidence to apply maths in describing the inner workings of physical phenomena. My tutoring is designed to help students to develop their confidence in taking seemingly abstract mathematical ideas and making them work for them to solve problems in physics. That was my "business" in my research career. Hence I can draw on my experience to help students to make the connections between abstraction and reality with tangible and illustrative examples.

Chemistry is said to be the "central science" because its main branches (theoretical, physical, inorganic, organic and biological) span across the range from mathematics to biology. Through my research and consulting work during my scientific career, I have first-hand experience over this wide range of disciplines.

I can show students the connectivity that makes Chemistry such a useful subject and such an important one in our technological world. Many students are daunted by the concepts that are introduced early in Year 11 because they appear to be so disconnected from the world as they know it.  I can give them a much deeper insight into chemical principles through my own deep understanding of chemistry at the cutting edge of international research.

Molecules in space - astro physics and chemical physics research
Quantum computing - based on cutting edge research in chemistry and physics

Quantum Computing - cutting edge research in physics and chemistry may lead to unprecedented advances in computational power

Spectroscopy in astrophysics - searching for interstellar molecules - galacto chemistry

The discovery of large organic molecules in the dark clouds of interstellar space is a combined quest for researchers in physics, chemistry, maths and astronomy.